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One of the most amazing things in West Oz is the ability to jump in your 4WD , throw in your surfboard and adventure down many dirt tracks along the rugged coast line.  There are endless beaches and bushland to explore.

No matter what the wind conditions are there is always a sheltered bay ...  whether your after rock pool swims, sheltered bays for sunbathing, rocky headlands for fishing or epic waves there's bound to be a dirt road leading you there. 

This week we trekked out  to one of our favorite day missions - the not so secret - secret spot....

This extremely rugged coastline makes you feel like you've gone back in time, a time where everything is still wild and un touched.  The dark rocks shadow the water, unlike the other crystal clear bays around, this water is un-inviting, but the waves aren't. 

As you stand out on the rocky outcrop watching and listening to the power of the waves as the crash into the big black rocks you wait for a break in the swell.  No time for hesitation as you make the decision to jump of the headland  and paddle over almost dry rocks to pop out to the inside of the line up.

Where the only thing worse then paddling out is getting back in.. meanwhile,  enjoy the solo waves with no-one to share them with except  the great whites ;)


paddling out from the rocky headland 


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